AME Communicate Ltd have been advertised and promoted by different organisations and we would like to personally thank and recognise the following companies not just for supporting us but also for the excellent work which they do

CareGuidance -

The company directors of The Care and Mobility Advisory Service have had many years experience in both the Care and Mobility sectors and have built up many contacts that they can recommend. Whether you are looking for an appropriate care solution or a mobility product or service, you will receive advice you can trust!

You experience a range of emotions when you find yourself in the situation where a loved one needs care. Sadness, anxiety and confusion are just a few. Because of this, we believe that people are 'crying out' for a knowledgeable, friendly and tailored advice service - and that's why we created The Care and Mobility Advisory Service.

Throughout our websites we offer people advice and guidance in regard to:

  • Care Homes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Live-in Care
  • Paying for care home fees (we refer these enquiries to a registered and qualified financial advisor)

Similarly, with regard to Mobility needs, we also offer people advice and guidance in the following:

  • Stairlifts
  • Hearing Aids
  • Bathing Equipment
  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
  • Wheelchairs and Mobilty Scooters
  • Car Adaptations
  • Motability

They have produced a great summary of AME Sight which can be found here:
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