AME Sight

The AME Sight app is a screen magnifier, OCR (Optical character recognition) app and screen reader all in one. It is sold it will sold as a package consisting of the software, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a custom designed collapsable stand that will make it possible for the user to capture a clear, still, focussed image. This equipment will fit in a small laptop bag and can be taken and used by the owners at their place of work or school.

AME Translate

AME Emergency Translate is a smart phone/tablet app to allow any organisation to access an instant translation service.
The app will have a built in custom vocabulary of pre-recorded audio allowing questions to be asked in over fifty languages.


In a nutshell, AR relies on image recognition to allow a virtual object to be scaled and rotated in such a way that it matches the environment it’s intended to be a part of. This illusion, especially when overlaid on top of live video from a camera on the mobile device, provides a convincing experience that allows the real world to be augmented with virtual objects.